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1, Pride of Gauteng

1, Pride of Gauteng

See lions like you have never seen them before.

Let's come to see this beautiful Lion Park in South Africa, what has a wealth of exciting activities for the whole family to ensure an unforgettable wildlife experience.

They are home to more than 85 lions, including the rare white lions.

There are four prides with their young in large enclosures similar to their natural habitat. The one enclosure houses a pride of white lions, famous for their part in the internationally acclaimed and award- winning feature film “White Lion”.

Have an extraordinary face-to-face encounter with the world’s tallest animal – the giraffe.

From a feeding platform feed and interact with these warm, friendly animals – truly a unique experience in South Africa (giraffe food available at feeding station).  

Lion Cubs

Experience a rare opportunity to play with cubs (when available)! Our knowledgeable handlers will show you how to interact safely with these lovely little creatures. Cub World is an enclosed area affording you the opportunity to walk around, photograph and enjoy many other animals. Get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with lion cubs and have a professional photograph taken of you and the cubs.
Maximum 2 minutes per person.

The Lion Park has a wealth of exciting activities for the whole family to ensure an unforgettable wildlife experience. Guests are guaranteed to get extremely close to white lion, wild dog, hyena and over twenty other African wildlife species.

There are grazing areas where you will see zebra, giraffe, gemsbuck, springbuck and blesbuck, just to mention a few.

They offer self-drive opportunities and day- or night-guided tours in they're safari vehicles through the large antelope area and four different lion pride camps, including the rare white lion and cheetah camps.

They provide an opportunity for tourists, both local and international, to learn more about our wonderful African animals.


Besides our magnificent lions, we are proud to offer a home to several other African carnivore species:
• Cheetah
• Lion
• Striped Hyena
• Spotted Hyena


Numerous herbivore species roam freely in our antelope area.
• Blesbuck
• Impala
• Ostrich
• Springbuck
• Giraffe
• Zebra
• Black wildebeest
• Waterbuck


The end you can see what they are thinking about people.

Come to enjoy these animals.
Thank you for your cooperation.

See you soon,

© Nigel

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